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Website Creation Munich

Today, the own website is an absolute must for the self-employed and entrepreneurs. The digital age is long gone and the Internet determines daily life. In 2001, only 37% of the German population regularly used the Internet. In 2017, the share was already over 81%. The trend is increasing. (Source: Statista - Development of Internet use in Germany)

The Website - Your business card in the WWW

Whether for business or pleasure, as a blog, as a gallery or shop: today you can have a website programmed that is perfectly tailored to your needs - for every task and every purpose.

Present your company with your own website and show your skills and range of services in detail! On a website, information can be presented in a more structured, comprehensive and exciting way than, for example, in a printed brochure. Website Creation Munich

Have your regional website and shop professionally designed for Munich. Free landing page for homepage or shop, website loading time optimization, professional search engine optimization and advice if required - Website Creation Munich

Be accessible worldwide - 24/7

Worldwide Internet users, i.e. potential customers, can find out about everything in detail, day and night. So if you run a shop, your customers can shop with you around the clock. Website Creation Munich

The website in detail

Web Design - Custom Design

The current mobile Internet use has long since led to a rethink in terms of web design. Today, websites for the modern internet presence must be primarily designed for mobile viewing. Desktop view is second only. Inevitably, all the functions of a website must be easy to use on small-format screens - Website Creation Munich

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Your website is finished and online? Great! Then you should check the loading time of your pages and, if necessary and possible, make changes to optimize the speed of your pages. We have compiled for you some detailed information and links to helpful tools. With this, the review goes in no time at all and you get suggestions for improvement! - Website Creation Munich -

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Costs and prices - homepage or landing page

It is unequivocal: online quality also costs. This makes it all the more important to first check exactly what you actually need, because the differences in offers are huge. The choice of possibilities is large and quite confusing for the layman. We will be happy to help you determine your needs and advise you without obligation on the topic of creating a website. We want to give you a first impression of the possibilities here. Create a website Munich

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Get your Offer - Creating Websites Munich

Questions cost nothing! In any case, not with us. So if you have any questions about website creation, or if you would like an offer to create your website, it is best to send us your request today! We are happy to advise you on programming your website and send you our offer free of charge and without obligation. If you need to talk, we will be happy to contact you. Promised! - Website Creation Munich

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Advice on programming and website creation Munich

Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to create a website?

  1. A suitable domain name
    • Every website needs an address on the Internet where it can be found and accessed. Think of a domain name under which your website should be found. It doesn't necessarily have to be your company name. Check whether the name is still free and then register it as soon as possible, otherwise it can happen that someone is faster and snatches the name away. Corresponding registration pages are provided free of charge by the hosting providers.

  2. A hosting provider
    • Hosting companies provide you with the storage space for the data of your website and ensure that your website can be accessed on the WWW and is safely delivered to the browser. After booking a so-called hosting package, you receive access to your personal login area with extensive administration functions.

  3. An e-mail address
    • With your own email address you communicate professionally with your customers and prospects. This makes a good impression, especially if you run a business website. If you have booked a hosting package, you can usually set up free e-mail boxes for yourself and your employees in the login area and create the associated e-mail addresses with your domain name.

  4. An SSL certificate
    • As the site operator, you are responsible for the security of the data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You need an SSL certificate to establish an encrypted connection. The second important reason for using an SSL certificate: Google marks websites as insecure when they are accessed via an unprotected HTTP connection. Unsafe pages are devalued accordingly in the ranking lists.

Programming websites - how does it work?

Beginners: With just a few clicks, beginners can quickly and easily build their own website and put it online. This is made possible by a website construction kit in the login area of ​​your hosting provider.

Technically gifted and interested peoplewho want to design their websites individually and manage them themselves will find an alternative in content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Typo3, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Professionals:Those with advanced programming knowledge can use all the possibilities of the Internet. These are mostly independent programmers or advertising agencies.

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What is the loading time and how important is it?

Anyone who speaks of loading time, loading speed or pagespeed means the time from the browser's request (by the visitor's click) to the server's response by
  • the delivery of the first data package, briefly called TTFB (Time to first byte).
  • the transfer of the complete HTML page
  • the display of resources (images, additional Java scripts, etc.)
  • first interactivity (when is the first button clickable?)
Only when the browser receives the first website data can the information be displayed on the user's screen. Because fast loading times are extremely important, Google has included them as a ranking factor.

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