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Website Programming

Have your website designed and created individually in Hamburg. With optimization of the website loading time. If necessary with professional search engine optimization and advice - Have your web page created in Hamburg

The creation (programming) of a website is offered by almost every major provider today. Using a modular system, everyone can create their own website using simple and intuitive menu navigation, without any programming knowledge and with just a few clicks. Cost: from € 9 per month. Great, isn't it?

Then there is the website creation by agencies. Here a team of specialists takes care of the needs of the customers and programs the individual website for the customer, taking into account the corporate identity, with or without a CMS system. Cost: starts from a few hundred euros, with no upper limit.

The exciting question arises: what is the difference? Firstly, of course, the size of the website. 500 pages cost more than 5 pages. It is also understandable that individual programming work costs more than a page that is created in a modular system. But what applies today as yesterday is the law of the free market economy. A product can only hold its own on the market if it meets the current requirements and is constantly being adapted. The same goes for the presentation of your company on the WWW. Most advertising agencies and of course online agencies offer exactly this "maintenance service".

The rapid advancement of the WWW forces programmers to continuously improve themselves. The clean programming of a website in a contemporary Source code is for the AI of search engines from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. essential. It recognizes very precisely whether a website is maintained and meets the currently required technical standards. The result of a neglect will be visible at the latest when the website is ranked lowest in search queries.

Another important point is the generation of sales on the Internet: Honestly: Why do you choose a product? And your customers? - In order to translate current trends into a promising design and also to land on the first page of the search result lists, a lot of know-how is actually required. The content of a website is often impossible to grasp at first glance, but the first impression is. And that counts!

Site Webdesign öffnen

Website and Browser

HTML, CSS, Javascript & Co.

A web browser installed on a PC or smartphone is required to access content from the World Wide Web. Once the web design is done, the next step is the programming to make the website design readable and viewable for browsers.

In order for a browser to "understand" what it should show us, the programmer has to translate the graphic design of a page into the "browser language" HTML. Similar to an architect's design, web programmers use HTML to lay down the basic structure of the website. The basement, floors and roof structure are "programmed" for the website and are now called footer, body and header.

As little as we would like to live in an unfinished building, we want to look at a website that only shows us blunt text. Rather, we love colors, beautiful pictures, clear structures, simple navigation, animations, films ... you notice, it gets more complicated. Because now other "browser languages" come into play: CSS for example and Javascript. In order to be able to shop comfortably and securely in the login area of a web shop or to fill the shopping cart and create watch lists, databases are added and, of course, you guessed it, other languages are used. Last but not least, the "building website" should not only look beautiful and impressive. It must also be safe, withstand possible burglars and only show each visitor "their own pages, products and data". Oh - we almost forgot: Of course everything has to work worldwide and on all devices!

You can imagine that programming without rules is simply impossible. Programmers, web developers, and web administrators must master the syntax and semantics of each language used so that you, as a user, can ultimately view the website that a designer initially designed.

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