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gleichschenkeliges kaufmännisches Dreieck an Tafel gemalt - Relation zwischen Zeit, Qualität und Kosten.

Website creation costs
RLT prices

That's how much programming a website costs.

Website costs

Transparency in costs and prices

Opinions are often divided when it comes to costs and prices. While some find "avarice cool", others consciously value quality "that has its price". This is easy to understand for laypeople on the commercial triangle. This triangle aptly visualizes the commercial three-rate calculation. This is always based on 3 known parameters, 2 of which are in a fixed relationship to each other.

Website programming prices

The cost of a website depends on various factors such as the time spent on design, uniqueness, structuring, content, functions, scope and search engine optimization. Depending on the effort and objectives, the costs and prices for a website will sometimes be higher and sometimes lower, according to the commercial three-rate calculation.

In order to select the right provider with the right offer for you, it is first necessary to clarify the actual need. The basic question is: Why do you want to have a website programmed? Are you "only" interested in being present on the WWW? Or will you be dependent on your websites generating sales?

Demand and Supply
What do you actually need?

Once your needs have been clarified, you can decide which website scope and thus programming effort is suitable for you. You know how much money you can or want to hold in your hand! Take another look at the commercial triangle above: the longer the "Quality" baseline becomes, the longer the timeline becomes and the two inevitably drive up the costs.

Basically, almost all providers offer:

  • Onepager are simple business cards, mainly with contact data and directions and legal information
  • Websites present the company and its products and (services) in detail on several pages and also include the contact form and legal information.
  • Editorial CMS systems additionally offer the possibility to write, edit and publish articles and publish documents
  • Online shops: focus on the direct sale of goods
  • Blog systems: bloggers use these systems such as Wordpress to share with the community.
  • Landing Pages: pages that serve to generate sales parallel to the website.

More and more agencies are focusing and specializing. For example, programming CMS systems or programming websites for targeted sales generation on the World Wide Web.

Website Creation - Fixed Price Deals

For ranking lists

Landing Page

12 months - free of charge
Afterwards: 5, - € / month
Configuration: € 15, - once

  • One page
  • Very fast loading time
  • Very suitable for ranking lists

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With a modular system

Website creation

300,- € once
at the provider of your choice
with the modular system of your domain

  • Configuration of the modular system
  • Website creation for professional presentation of your company

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For Adwords campaigns

HTML Onepager

12 Monate - free of charge
Afterwards: 5,- € / month
Programming: 300,- € once

  • very fast loading time
  • very good for showing ads
    with Google Adwords

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Website Creation - Individual programming

The unique

Individual Website

from 800,- €
Programming: According to needs and customer requirements
Database: No.
Text creation: Optional for a surcharge

  • 5 pages
  • Incl. publisher's note and privacy policy
  • Incl. contact form
  • Incl. 5 images
  • Incl. 2 free layout adjustments

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Teamwork requested

Editorial CMS system

from 1.250,- €
Programming: According to needs and customer requirements
Database: Yes.
Text creation: Optional for a surcharge

  • System: Wordpress or Typo 3
  • System installation and configuration
  • customized standard layout
  • 5 pages, incl. imprint, privacy policy, contact page
  • Configuration of an editor area

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There is no such thing as impossible

SEO optimized website

from 1.800,- €
Programming: 100% suchmaschinenoptimiert
Text creation: Optional for a surcharge
Graduated prices: on request

  • Home page, imprint, privacy policy, contact page
  • Incl. 4 information pages
  • Incl. 8 subpages for local SEO
  • Very fast loading time
  • Very suitable for top positioning in ranking lists