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Responsive is a must. Website design information.

Responsive Web Design Hamburg
Trend and function

Those who speak of web design generally mean the design of websites. When colors and design come into play, web design, like all other design areas, is subject to certain trends. Just think of fashion and furniture. Anyone who surfs the Internet a lot knows what we're talking about, because there are clear preferences! In addition, the available devices and bandwidths have an additional influence on the design of the website.

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Both the corporate design of the customer must be taken into account, as well as the application and alignment of content blocks, text alignment, text size, number and size of images, spacing and positioning. Last but not least, the use of colors must be carefully considered by the web designer. All in all, one speaks of interface design.

The mobility claim is added as standard. That means: Today's web designer must not lose sight of the later programming for mobile devices during the design process. After all, no customer wants to forego the steadily growing number of users who surf the Internet with a smartphone or tablet.

Responsive web design is therefore one of the goals of the web industry. The goal is achieved when every viewer can quickly access the websites worldwide and the content is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner. No matter what device.

Web Development
Responsive Web Design

In order to introduce and maintain a certain standard worldwide on the WWW, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was founded in 1994. Since then, the W3C has repeatedly created new, further developed standards for programming websites.

Smartphones, tablets, etc. are so widespread today that programming such mobile websites is standard. Web design is therefore inevitably "responsive". A single version of the website is programmed, which, however, reacts flexibly to the properties of the respective end device and adjusts the presentation of the content accordingly.

Even the layperson can understand relatively quickly what a challenge it is when the design rendering is determined by the properties of the end device (smartphone, tablet, notebook)! Device properties are, for example

  • the size of the device
  • the screen resolution
  • the orientation: portrait or landscape format
  • input options: keyboard, display touch (touch), language
  • the size of the browser window

In contrast to large agencies, which usually employ web developers, the web designer in smaller agencies usually also takes on the technical implementation.